Over 12 years, HolyCow has become the go-to visual communications agency in South Africa, when the goal is to make information fresh and simple and get audiences excited. Get in touch.

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We’re visual communicators

HolyCow takes information and transforms it into audience-focused WOW, to deliver on our clients’ communication and business objectives. We do this through presentations, visual stories, video, design, strategy big picture, infographics and animation. And we do it simply, by bringing content down to earth so that audiences “get it.” This is why, since 2001 companies have come to us to help them sell, inspire and educate.

If you need to connect with customers, employees or shareholders, or you have a product or idea you need to explain or sell, you need to know about the power of visual content.

We help you:

Sell more products. Explain your strategy. Get staff on board. Get investors excited. Distill your concept into a simple message that’s easy to understand, resonates with your audience and drives them to take action.

Why visual content gets results

People are overwhelmed by too much info, so they recall less of what you tell them. If we use visual communication to create stories and metaphors that awaken people’s prior knowledge, and if we stimulate their auditory and visual senses, we can increase what they remember by 58%! That’s huge. It gets results. Every time.

HolyCow has made over 300 videos and 200 presentations for 200+ companies in 10 countries and 5 languages.

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“Within very tight deadlines and budgets, the professional HolyCow team, creatively captured the spirit and human impact of HPBI, whilst ensuring the hard facts caught the viewers’ attention. Thank you, job well done!”

Gois Fouché, Transformation Manager , hp

“HolyCow offered an incredibly fresh and different approach to our Corporate Presentation – the compliments continue to stream in whenever we present it! Thanks a ton guys.”

Nicky Nielsen, Brand Manager, Women’s Health , hp

Holy Cow exceeded our expectations in every way possible. From accommodating an urgent meeting to delivering ahead of schedule. All of this over the end of year holiday period. Once we played the video, we received the response we wanted. Without the Holy Cow video it just wouldn’t have been the same!

Charl van Rooyen – Lead Digital Strategist , hp

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. The presentation for Dave C was incredible. He looked like a rockstar! And that is thanks to your creativity, dedication, willingness to assist us at the last second, and long hours spent making changes! We really appreciate it so so much!”

Natalie von Gericke, Communications & Training Manager , hp

“Holy Cow is excellent at interpreting the brief and delivering on the creative message.”

Kim Thornton, Global Marketing , hp

Passion and pride in their work. With Holycow I have never seen a tight budget get in the way of a superb product. They have no half measures – they give it all they got.

Matt Rowland – Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner , hp

“Working with Holy Cow was an absolute pleasure and they produced a great video to bring our DNA to life!”



Tanya Knowles Head: Corporate Affairs , hp

“Great creative, innovative and unusual ideas on making mundane information sound exciting!”

Michelle Doyle, Head of Group Marketing , hp

“Holycow are a fantastic team that have produced great results for us within budget and deadline more than once. We have chosen to work with the team repeatedly as we are very happy with both their products and friendly, professional service. I would not hesitate to recommend HolyCow.”

Vanessa Marshall , hp

“I thoroughly enjoy all my interactions with Holy Cow as they always ‘get’ the brief and drive to add value way beyond what I normally experience. The end result, something we can both be proud of!”



Nicky Holmes, Accenture: ex-Marketing Director, Werksmans: ex Chief Marketing Officer , hp

“Over the past 2 years we have worked with Lana, Chris and their team. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with HolyCow. Their professional and creative team  have delivered on point every time and the finished product has exceeded our expectations . Thank you HolyCow for bringing our brand to life!”

Nicci Raz, Head of Marketing , hp

Holy Cow punch well above their weight in their ability to synthesise complex business narratives into fascinatingly explicable visual effects and easy-to-digest sound bites.

Guy Martin – Founder , hp

An infographic animation inspired by the best, for the best

When our friends at specialist marketing agency, Handel, briefed us on an infographic animation, we jumped at the chance. With a brand so slick and a client so awesome, the video creation process was bound to be stellar. From script and story development to

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Despite the fact that video is how we most want to consume content and that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to engage customers online and despite the fact that websites with a homepage video are 53% more likely to show up on the first page of

Web video – Hype or Hope?

In The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort’s primary talent is shouting.  The overdressed conman goes from zero to hero (and back again) seemingly on the back of one grand hype-fest which, let’s be honest, is how most B2B marketing conmen attract your

Video marketing killed the radio star..and saved the ROI

When Castle Lite released its Ice Breakers ad online, showing South Africa what they already knew about how seriously they take their beer, only Miley Cirus’ Wrecking Ball video beat its view count. Katy Perry lagged in at third place, saying some

The Path to an Unbelievable Explainer Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your explainer video can be equated to the Smithsonian library. Explainer videos are highly effective tools used to introduce a new company, product, or service to the public as a way to generate buzz. Considering that

Blogging for business

Since the internet has changed the way customers look for products and services, it’s important that they find your website when they need to buy what you offer. The solution – Blog, Blog, Blog! (Used here as a verb!) Allow me to disspel a myth. A

Online marketing – why content matters

We all know that when it comes to online marketing, there are numerous tactics to make brands and companies famous. From social media and SEO, to lead nurturing and email marketing campaigns – all certainly have their merits, especially when used in

Infographics video – the way of the future

In many ways, infographics are the oldest form of human communication and advertisement. Every cave-painting we find of beasts with spears sticking out of it is, fundamentally, simply how an early hunter chose to brag about his skills. We’ve always found