Website traffic is great but if it’s not resulting in increasing landing page conversions, there’s no point.

It’s a war zone out there, and the new rules of online engagement are pretty clear: people would rather watch a video than read text. Not only does a video distil important information to potential customers in an entertaining way, but it aids their decision-making process too, cleverly leading them through their buying journey to the point where they click BUY.

Here are 3 secrets to make sure your video landing page is giving your customers a nudge in the right direction – towards conversions:

1. The Super Spy: Know Your Target Audience

This is the undeniable law of marketing: know who your audience is, or ignore them at your peril. Think of yourself as a KGB spy a-la The Americans, and study your target audience to the point that you know every last detail about them: their preferred brands, their purchasing behaviour, their problems and their needs, etc.

Knowing your audience means that you’ll be able to deliver to them what they’re looking for. A good landing page will be targeted at your ideal buyer. A video – which offers both value and a call to action – will lead them even deeper into the sales process.

2. The Secret Weapon: Animated Metaphors

While not bombing live action as a format, animated video is a better choice for your landing page. Think about it: animation can highlight your brand in creative ways that aren’t hemmed in by the usual minefields of live action (like budget limitations). These can include creating visual metaphors, which are basically the cannon shots of engagement (now imagine shooting that cannon shot metaphor in live action. Exactly).

Comparing your product or service to a universal idea, or compressing an elaborate concept into a single animated image, will give your audience an accelerated understanding of who you are and what you do, or what you’re selling.

3. Ready, Aim, Fire!

With your audience in the crosshairs of your campaign, take your landing page through something of a boot camp. All the elements on your landing page need to work together to achieve the same goal: to shepherd customers towards the BUY button (in whatever form that takes). Assess whether the copy on the page compliments the video and has a good flow. Decide if you want your audience to watch the video first, or read the copy before they click play. Either way, think of yourself as the General of an army, someone who knows how to give marching orders.

Map out your audience’s journey with a call to action to watch your video, followed by another call to action that takes them to the next stage. If your strategy is well-designed, and your video engaging, that’s already half the battle won.

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