The objective of every business is to sell more, and a well-placed Explainer Video can do just that. These videos are already enhancing many websites, making them more appealing both to search engines and to potential customers. Look at what people are saying about Explainer Videos to help determine if this might be the right choice for you.

Explainer Videos Improve SEO

  • Websites exclusively featuring plain text and some images are not well received by search engines. Explainer Videos can raise SEO ratings.
  • The duration of time most visitors stay on your page is included in the Google algorithm. Explainer Videos capitalize on this aspect by seizing potential customer’s attention, thereby extending their stay.

Explainer Videos Raise Conversion Rates

  • Superior to basic text, which can easily be misread and misunderstood, Explainer Videos provide their audience with a clear and meaningful idea of the purpose of your product.
  • Excited about their concept, business owners can get lost in the details, consequently spreading key points throughout the website. An Explainer video hones in on the key points of what the product is and why customers want to purchase it in an easily digestible 1 to 2 minute presentation.
  • An Explainer Video engages the customer immediately. Studies show if a customer isn’t interested within 8 seconds, they will navigate away from the page. While customers may be disinterested in a great deal of dull text, animated Explainer Videos captivate customers.
  • Excessive colour and movement, done in an effort to raise SEO, can be disadvantageous as customers can become overwhelmed. Furthermore, it might cause the site page to load more slowly which can frustrate the customers out of a purchase. Explainer Videos provide visual stimulation in a clean presentation.
  • An Explainer Video, based on the number of views they have had, informs business owners of what products their customers are considering. This enables owners to focus their attention on products that are perhaps getting a great deal of views, but not purchases, and work to raise the conversion rate.
  • An Explainer Video accommodates learning styles, meeting the needs of both the visual learner and the auditory learner. Many use these videos to ensure that their product and message is remembered (and hopefully shared).
  • All else being equal, a customer will buy from the company that they like more. Using an Explainer Video allows customers to see not only products, but also personalities.
  • Showing how the product can be utilised efficiently, Explainer Videos answer the customers main query “Why should I buy this?” with a relatable storyline.

Explainer Videos Advertise

  • With the trend of viewing videos continuing to rise, they have become an optimal medium for advertisement. Customers who are especially impressed with a product can utilise the sharing capabilities of Facebook and other social networking sites, networking to a business’s advantage.
  • Viral videos advertise for their companies on an impressive level. While the formula for a viral video is still unknown, any video is better than none at getting a company out into the public sphere.
  • Websites like Youtube are utilised by business owners to host their Explainer Videos. The billions of Youtube users have these Explainer Videos on a site they already frequent. Furthermore, YouTube’s SEO rates are already impressive, so using them as a host raises the likelihood the video will be found.

Businesses are actively improving their conversation rates by utilising this impressive tool. It’s worth consideration to see if this is an option for your business.


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