Animated video increases retention of information

by | Apr 28, 2014 | HolyCow News

Lights, camera … boredom. With online video becoming more and more popular with clients and customers, boring, forgettable messages are wandering around the web like zombies. Fortunately, animated video is here to save the day.

The death of a message

We’ve all been there: Forced to watch (or worse, produce!) an insufferably boring video, hoping that we’ll remember something (anything!) about the video’s content … other than how boring it was.

Of course we don’t remember anything about the video (other than the awkwardness), because nobody remembers lifeless videos, just like nobody really spends that much time thinking about their boring Uncle Chuck (who they rarely saw and can’t even remember if he was at the last family gathering) after he passes away.

No, we quickly bury both corpses deep out of mind. After all, the past is the past, and nobody wants to remember a video from 1996 or an uncle who we haven’t seen since ’96. We may wish we’d been nicer to Chuck (if he had a significant estate) and we may wish we hadn’t wasted three minutes of our life on such a boring, forgettable video—but we never remember what either had to say.

Animated video = resuscitation

If only (only!) Chuck had been a little more interesting. Then maybe you would have been more willing to listen to him drone on about whatever it was he was saying. Maybe you would have actually tried giving him CPR when he collapsed at the last family gathering. Then maybe the two of you would have forged a friendship—and you could have gotten into his will.

If only he’d been more … animated.

Wait a minute, that’s it. That’s the problem with the video (forget Chuck, he’s gone): There’s no animation.

Animated video makes everything better

In today’s world, where companies, nonprofits, average Joes and Jolenes and even governments are cranking out thousands of videos a day, you need to do something to make your video stand out. You can’t just tell people what you have to say, you also have to show them. And you have to memorable.

That’s what animation does. It makes your video different. It connects with your audience. And, most importantly, it’s memorable.

Don’t get stuck with a dead, highly forgettable video—instead of “Lights, camera … boredom,” go with “Lights, camera, animated video!” Contact us today to bring your next video to life!

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