Picture this: you’re about to go into a meeting to explain the latest strategies to your clients and you’re sweating because what you have with you is the same old tedious graphs, presentations and documents that make everyone in the room yawn. 

Boy, even we’re building up a sweat remembering the days when that was the norm.

Luckily, we’re here to save the day and share some of our best tips and tricks on our favourite solution: animated videos. 

Just like choosing a new house that fits you and your needs perfectly, crafting animated videos that command attention and offer a substantial return on investment (ROI) requires a thoughtful approach. 


1. Set Clear Objectives and Know Your Audience

Before rolling up your sleeves, it’s vital to define your objectives and identify your target audience. What’s the endgame with the animated video? Whether it’s boosting brand recognition, driving website traffic, or spiking product sales, having a clear goal will shape the video’s content and design. 

2. Weave an Enthralling Narrative

Storytelling is the heart and soul of an animated video. A well-woven narrative can make a video unforgettable and relatable. Kicking things off with an attention-grabbing hook within the opening moments will ensnare the viewer’s focus. Then, lead them through a journey with a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Leverage relatable characters, situations, and conflicts to forge an emotional connection with the audience.

3. Keep It Crisp and Transparent

The wisdom of avoiding beating around the bush, applies equally to animated videos. Keep your message crystal clear and concise. A video should address the core message or call to action without swamping viewers with excessive information. The sweet spot for video length in online marketing hovers around 1-2 minutes, making every second precious.

4. Engage with Captivating Visuals and Animation

The visual and animation style lies at the core of any animated video. Ensure the visual elements align with your brand and the message you wish to convey. High-quality, attention-seizing graphics and seamless animations will keep viewers locked in.

5. Professional Voiceover or Compelling Script

Animated videos benefit greatly from a professional voiceover or a meticulously crafted script. A skilled voiceover artist can breathe life into the characters and story. Alternatively, a well-crafted script harmonizes with the visuals, keeping your audience engaged.

6. A Persuasive Call to Action (CTA)

A pivotal facet of your video is the call to action. What’s the next step you want your viewers to take after watching your video? Whether it’s visiting your website, subscribing to your channel, or making a purchase, ensure your CTA is both explicit and compelling. The closing moments are often the most decisive.


To sum it up, crafting animated videos that not only seize an audience’s attention but also offer a substantial ROI is an art. Applying these tips can lead to captivating animated videos that leave a lasting impact. Remember that it’s a journey of perpetual learning and refinement, and with practice, your video projects will yield more rewarding results.


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