A challenge that businesses now face is grabbing their audience’s attention in a way that resonates so the message can land where it needs to. 

Everyone knows how powerful explainer videos are but sometimes they just don’t land well with a specific audience.

Often, the first step to ensuring impact and a return on investment from your explainer video is to make sure you choose the right video style for your audience.

Here are some of the most effective explainer video styles. 


Clarity through Animation:

The animation style brings concepts to life with vivid visuals and dynamic movement. From lively characters to engaging graphics, animated explainer videos offer different ways to simplify complex ideas and captivate an audience’s attention. Animation can be the key to clarity in conveying important messages.


Authenticity in Live Action:

For projects requiring a human touch, live-action explainer videos bring about authenticity and a personal connection. Real people and environments often resonate with an audience, instilling trust and relatability in your narrative.


Simplicity with Whiteboard Animation:

Whiteboard animation, with its minimalist approach, gets to the core of the message. This style, characterised by black-and-white illustrations, fosters simplicity and enhances audience understanding by focusing on the essentials.


Dynamic Engagement with Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics inject energy and vibrancy into your message. The strategic use of text, shapes, and colours in motion graphic explainer videos can create a visually stunning experience, capturing attention and boosting viewer engagement.


Interactive Narratives in Interactive Explainers:

As interactivity becomes more popular, interactive explainer videos are changing audience engagement. Incorporating clickable elements, quizzes, and decision points can turn an explainer video into an immersive experience, allowing viewers to actively participate in the narrative.


To sum it up, choosing the right style is an important element in the success of your explainer video strategy. Whether aiming for clarity, authenticity, simplicity, dynamic engagement, or interactivity, each style offers a unique way to connect with different audiences. 

And remember to keep your audience in mind!! Think about what’s important to them and what they appreciate!


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