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The guiding principle behind any effective corporate video production is to create with purpose and understand your audience to deliver the right message. Ultimately, capturing the interest of viewers and converting them into customers.

In this six-minute read, we will be discussing the importance of corporate video production and the impact it has on your business. Learn how to increase website visits, leads and sales with a corporate video production here:

• Viewers recall 80 percent of the information that was communicated to them through corporate videos within 30 days of watching them.
• A corporate video production is 52 times more likely to rank first on Googles search engine result pages when compared to text.
• Companies that have adopted corporate videos on their landing page can expect to increase conversion rates by 80 percent.

Corporate videos are used to communicate the essence of an organisation’s brand. These video productions are used to create interest and deliver messages that resonate with a brand’s audience, ultimately fostering customer engagement. The purpose of corporate video production is driven by either product or service content, internal communications or informational videos.




Corporate videos are based on the client’s objectives and in the interests of their viewers. With the rise in digital content, corporate video production is now a key corporate marketing tactic. We take a deeper look into how consumer behaviour is evolving and the opportunities it presents businesses with.


Speaking to the customer through corporate video production


Online video is changing how users engage with content. Studies by tubular insights show that online video is far more engaging than a text article, with adults reporting they are 39 percent more likely to share video-based content compared to that of a basic text blog.

Take a look at these findings below on how online consumers’ mindsets are changing with the use of video content:

1. 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video content by 2021:

According to Cisco, the usage, consumption and spend on video-based content is set to grow exponentially, with nearly 1.9 billion internet users by 2021. Above this, a third of all the time users spend online will be dedicated to watching videos.

2. Consumers prefer watching a corporate video production:

A recent study by HubSpot found that 54 percent of consumers would prefer to see video-based content from the brands or businesses they support. In fact, 83 percent of these consumers currently watch their video content on YouTube, with Facebook being the second most popular social platform at 67 percent.

A Corporate video production lets you tell your brand’s story in an authentic, unique way that captures your audience’s imagination, all while increasing interest amongst viewers and invoking a call to action.

3. Viewers retain 95 percent of the information communicated in a video:

This is compared to the 10 percent of information recalled from reading according to Forbes’ findings which show how engaging two senses instead of one greatly improves recollection.

This is one important factor to remember when setting out to make a corporate video. Using online video as a communication tool is the most efficient way for your customers to remember your brand and the offerings you provide.

4. Corporate videos influence consumer purchasing decisions:

Research by Forbes shows that 90 percent of consumers found corporate videos helpful in their decision process. Findings from Curator show that customer testimonials, tutorial and demonstration videos are the most effective video content as voted by customers.

Further insights show that 96 percent of people have watched an explainer video before to understand more about a product or service and that 68 percent of consumers say they’d prefer to learn about a new offering by watching a short video.




This shows why using a corporate video production has become such an effective tactic to engage with customers throughout their buying journey. Recent studies show that more organisations are using video-based content to achieve several goals during their consumers’ purchasing decision cycle – from increased web traffic, longer dwell time and lead generation.


The importance of corporate video production for business:


Corporate videos are an essential communication tool for companies to deliver their messaging in a meaningful way while reaching their target audiences.

According to unbounce, corporate videos are 52 times more likely to show up on Google’s first page as opposed to text. Above this, consumers are four times more likely to watch corporate videos rather than read about something.

Here are some more findings which show just how important using a corporate video production is becoming:

1. Corporate video production increases conversion rates:

A study by shows that videos on a corporate landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 percent. Video’s greatest benefit is that it gives customers the opportunity to engage with your company, and learn more about your message with very little effort.

2. Videos increase web traffic:

Corporate video production is 52 times more likely to show up on Google’s first page as opposed to text. Above this, consumers are four times more likely to watch corporate videos rather than read about it, according to unbounce.

A study by Wyzowl shows how using corporate videos on your landing page can lead to an 80 percent increased dwell time on your company’s website and a 41 percent reduction in support calls from your customers. These findings are testament to how powerful a communication tool a corporate video production is.

3. Video content increases click-through rates:

Companies that use video-based content in emails can lead to a huge 200 percent increase in click-through rates. Second, to this, 46 percent of consumers would prefer receiving content through email after video, according to studies shared by HubSpot.

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools a company can use to increase website visits, leads and sales according to Smart Insights. The difficulty is, however, there is a saturation of email content being sent through to customers on a regular basis.

Introducing a corporate video production with email, however, provides companies with the benefit of greater engagement with customers, and differentiation from competitors.

4. Greater recall from video:

According to news shared by Forbes, a corporate video production seen within the last 30 days show that 80 percent of viewers recalls the content in the video. Further studies show that 94 percent of organisations found that videos helped define their product or service, giving their customers a greater level of understanding of the organisation’s offerings according to Wyzowl.





The stages of corporate video production:


Developing an effective corporate video in line with your company’s needs requires a few processes. First and foremost, communication is key. Keeping this in mind, here is a brief outline of what the stages may look like when creating a memorable corporate video production:

1. Initial briefing: Creating a corporate video that is attuned to the requirements of your company and interests of your audience is dependent on providing a video production company with a clear outline of the needs and outcomes expected from the video itself.

A video production company with a team of seasoned specialists would normally give guidance around the technical aspects and preferred strategies your company should take to create video content that encompasses the subject matter you would like to convey.


corporate-video-production-Liberty still -min


At this stage of the process, it is important for your company to arm itself with corporate video-based references that best describe the work you have in mind. This creates clarity and realistic expectations of the project for both your business and the video production company you’re planning on partnering with.

2. Production planning: Once all parties involved are happy with the briefing above, a compelling script is created to tell the story of your corporate video.

The use of an experienced scriptwriter becomes a necessary at this stage to develop an engaging narrative which captures the interest and attention of the audience watching the corporate video.

Once the scriptwriting is complete, the video production company establishes different styles and scenes options.

In collaboration with you and maintaining integrity with your corporate identity, the video production then company establishes the tone, colours and direction most appropriate to your company’s needs.

3. Final production and delivery: Once a direction is established, the production team brings the video to life, often using a combination of life footage and animated elements. This happens through the process of filming, studio time and editing.

4. Recording a suitable voice over and adding a soundtrack is part of the post-production process:

Again, making use of a knowledgeable video production company proves beneficial during the production stage. An experienced team will have considered everything from film composition to scene-setting well in advance, ultimately optimising the quality of your corporate video.

5. Rounding off: Once completed, you as the client will have a couple of rounds of opportunities to make changes so that the video production company can tweak and polish.
6. Packaging the video: The content becomes available on the platforms that see the most engagement between your audience and company.


Creating a compelling corporate video production:


Below are some of the key steps your preferred video production company should be using when creating a great corporate video:

1. Setting the scene and providing research: Understanding the historical context behind the purpose of your corporate video, the competitive environment your company finds itself in, and the needs of your market allows a video production company to establish the kind of communication required to create a compelling story.

2. Matters to be addressed and establishing objectives: Determine what factors are important for your video production company to address so your audience gets a broader understanding of your company’s offering.

With these in mind, the primary objective of your corporate video production should be established. This leading objective should clearly state what you want to communicate with your audience throughout the video and what you want them to do or feel after watching the video.

To support this communication, secondary objectives should be created to paint a clear picture for your viewers.

3. Defining your target audience, and the importance of messaging: Identifying the audiences who will watch your company’s corporate video production is a key step in this process.

The video production company should create content that speaks to the interests of your audience, adopting the language they use and the imagery that resonates most with them.

Keeping the target audience in mind and crafting a consistent message throughout the corporate video is important when communicating the video’s purpose, and keeping viewers engaged!

With this, understanding which platforms your target audience use most often is important when considering what mediums your corporate video will be available on.

4. Tone and branding elements: Creating a general theme that runs throughout your company’s corporate video is all dependant on the tone you want to create.

Consider how you want your viewers to feel when watching your corporate video to determine the mood of how you want the content to be delivered. Putting thought into this will ultimately affect how your company’s story is told, and the visuals that will be used during the video’s production.

Lastly, corporate video production should be used to increase brand awareness for your company. Your video should be able to communicate and tell the story of your company in an attention-grabbing and engaging way.


Using corporate video production to create this client’s solution:


One of South Africa’s largest financial institutions, Liberty, had a bit of a dilemma. To create a corporate video with content that encompassed their core values – integrity, trust and honesty – all while driving the primary message of innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of their clients.

HolyCow was happy to meet the challenge.

Ultimately, the client wanted to create a shift within the market’s perception of a traditional financial institution to one that is contemporary. The message was to be delivered under time constraints and within financial boundaries.

The below corporate video encapsulates how the client’s vision was brought to life. As the video production company, HolyCow’s role was to bring to life the company’s holistic product solutions and explicitly show how they are designed specifically around the requirements of their customers.


HolyCow Liberty Corporate Video


This uniform message was delivered throughout the duration of the corporate video production, not only to emphasise the organisation’s wealth of knowledge and expertise but their innovative personality as well.

The final product was a powerful two-minute video combining live footage and motion graphics, that captured this organisation’s understanding of its customers’ changing needs. A blend of strategic thinking, strong conceptual backing and best in class production from the video production company resulted in a piece of content that helped this financial services institution deliver its message and win over its audience.






As customer retention is diminishing due to information overload and attention deficit, the use of corporate video production is becoming a non-negotiable for any business that wants to remain competitive. it. Choosing the right video production company is just as important as the video production itself.



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