How to Create a Business Presentation that will ‘WOW’ Your Audience

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Presentations

We all know them, have sat through them, presented them and fallen asleep during them. Yep, good old business presentations.

You can picture it, can’t you? There’s a meeting coming up where ”George” is going to be presenting the new sales strategy and you’re considering taking your laptop into the meeting so you can get through some of those less-important emails.

Business presentations hold a lot of value, yet we continue to present the same old format and content, in the same manner, that we always do – KNOWING full well that we’re going to put our audience to sleep.

Yes, you’re guilty too!

So, we’ve used our awesome knowledge and unconquerable skills in business presentations to help you out next time you need to really, I mean REALLY ”WOW” your audience.

1. Make the First 60 Seconds of Your Business Presentation Count

They say that the first 60 seconds of your business presentation is the difference between failure and success. Don’t start out your presentation beating around the bush!

Get onto the subject immediately – grab your audience’s attention! Statistics, facts, shocking figures – that’s how you’re going to get attention.

2. Don’t Use Your Business Presentation Slides as Your Speech Card

Regardless of what a terrible public speaker you may think you are, your presentation slides are NOT there for you to read from. Only put important keywords, statements and facts into your business presentation slides.

3. Have a Conversation

To make sure that you have an impact on your audience and to ensure that you have their attention – engage them! Don’t just talk to them. Business presentations are as much a conversation as any other human interaction.

You need to engage with your audience, make eye contact, ask them questions, and have a conversation with them.

4. Practice makes Perfect

We’ve all heard it before, yes. But it goes for everything in life! You cannot be good at something unless you practice.

Especially because you will NOT be reading from your business presentation slides, you need to make sure you have practised what you are going to say, where you are going to engage your audience and even where you are going to answer questions.

5. Prepare for the Unexpected

There’s always going to be that one critic who, no matter how brilliant your business presentation is, they are going to drill you about something.

Make sure that you are prepared – know your stuff and be ready to answer those unexpected questions.

6. Be Unique

Yes, it is possible! Be daring and different and don’t go with the usual business presentation style. There are plenty of agencies out there that have the expertise and creativity to turn your ordinary presentation into something spectacular.

Remember, business presentations are there for a purpose. Some of the biggest decisions are made around business presentations and therefore it is VITAL to ensure that you get the right message across in the most compelling way possible.

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