Video is fast replacing those long sales letters which end up being skimmed and often lose the interest of potential customers by the time a call-to-action is reached, here I explain using video for your business to increase the conversion rates of sales and sign ups. TMG have stated that those who watch product videos are 85% more likely to purchase.

When you explain using video, you engage both the auditory and visual senses of your viewers which assist in stimulating interest and memory retention ensuring your business stays fresh in the minds of those who land on your video page.

You tube has become an extremely popular mode of marketing and sharing information with customers. When businesses use video, especially if the information is fun and informative, these videos get watched and shared repeatedly, enhancing the total reach of your audience and encouraging people to talk about the videos and hence your business. This is what you want, right?


What can you explain using video?
Video is becoming an important integrated aspect of content marketing. Create a Blueprint for the Video Content Marketing Revolution ; there is so much you can explain using video such as

  • Mission statement
  • Visual representation of your brand
  • Your products & services
  • Your upcoming attractions, specific content or message for your customers
  • Inside perspective of your company
  • Document major events

In fact, just about anything that you might previously have wrote about. When you explain using video you cut out all the waffle that is needed to fill a blog post or article, by using audio and visual metaphors, you reduce the time it takes to tell your story yet you increase the ability of the viewer to retain the memory of what you are communicating. In short, you make your message more interesting and appealing for your clients.
Would you rather have someone explain using video than write a long and often boring description of who you are and what you do? So do most! In this age of information overload it is easy for the reader to become bored and move to the next shiny object.

When you use any of our different styles of engaging and stimulating explainer video, you get to catch and keep the attention of potential customers, including the wide bracket of visual learners who switch off when faced with written scripts, skyrocketing your conversion rates.


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