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Video styles.

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While two-dimensional people aren’t all that great, two-dimensional videos are awesome! We won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty but this process involves creating movement on a flat artistic space which is something that we happen to do really, really well.
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3D animated videos are somewhat of a speciality at HolyCow. They allow us to do amazing things on a very average budget which clients love.
whiteboard animation
Has anyone ever sarcastically asked you if they should “draw it out for you?” and all you wanted to say was yes? We know how you feel! Our whiteboard explainer videos help to illustrate concepts in a way that audiences will understand, effortlessly.
animated infographics
What is it about stop-frame animation that is so enchanting? We’re not sure. But the outcome is totally worth all the technicality and skill that it requires.
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Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles, just a powerful and well-made video that sends the right message and resonates in people’s minds.
Are motion graphics the crème de la crème of video animation? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, we like them a lot because we get to combine film, animation and graphic design to bring your story to life.

Our creative process.

1. Research

Sound the alarms! It’s time to rev our creative engines and explore the best routes to take to create your video animation.

2. Script Writing

Should it start like this? Should it end like that? We let a professional scriptwriter decide. Of course, you’ll be invited to review and make edits along the way.

3. Storyboarding

Here we make your story visual using colour, imagery and symbolism to show instead of tell.

4. Animation

This is the exciting part where we put your story into motion and you get to offer feedback on the various elements such as transitions and timing.

5. Review & Delivery

Finally, your video is sent to the whizzes at post-production who will apply their magic and compile your video into multiple formats so you can share it with the world.

What HolyCow promises.

Speedy turnaround

Dedicated project managers

Flexible pricing

Full in-house production

No hidden costs

Quality end-product

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Work we’ve done.


HolyCow exceeded our expectations in every way possible. From accommodating an urgent meeting to delivering ahead of schedule. All of this over the end of the year holiday period. Once we played the video, we received the response we wanted. Without the HolyCow video it just wouldn’t have been the same.
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