Feeling misunderstood? Explain using animation

by | Apr 28, 2014 | HolyCow News

Are you looking for a sure-fire way to increase the impressions and message retention from your online video marketing?

Explain using animation!

This isn’t simply speculation. Research has found that when a company chooses to explain using animation, they see at least a 20% boost in conversion rates. Animation is a powerful tool for getting messages across, specifically because it creates messages that are more memorable than traditional live-action shoots.

Why It Makes Sense To Explain Using Animation

What accounts for the success of animation and illustration among businesses? There are a few reasons.

First, everyone loves cartoons.

Seriously, when have you ever heard someone say “Man, I HATE cartoons!” Even though they’re typically associated with children’s programming, the truth is that virtually anyone will look up and pay attention when there’s an animated presentation on the screen.

The bright colors and rapid movement are easy eye-catchers. It’s simply human instinct to look up at something bright and flashy.

Further, it’s also been demonstrated that when you explain using animation, you also increase the memorability of your message. Because people tend to pay more attention to cartoons, that means more exposure to your message, and higher chances of later recall.

Another aspect to consider is that animation doesn’t suffer from budgetary limitations in nearly the same way that live-action shoots do. Your imagination can truly be the limit when it comes to using animation to explain your messages, because anything can be drawn.

If someone had an idea for an ad that involved spaceships in combat, or deep-sea divers visiting strange creatures, the “live action” CG costs can become monumental, and quickly. However, a simple piece of animation can create these same visuals in a cost-effective manner, without the gigantic budgets associated with live video.

After all, a drawing of spaceships doesn’t cost any more to produce than a drawing of the Carlton Center, so why limit yourself?

Animation Gets Your Message Across

When you explain your ideas via animation, you’re utilizing the most-enjoyed, most-shared, and most-eyecatching form of video that exists. You’ll grab people’s attention, increase your message retention, and then see higher video shares afterward.

This creates an unbeatable 1-2-3 messaging combo, and that means your business should be thinking about adding animation to its outreach, if you aren’t already.

For more information, just contact us for samples and case studies of animation in action!

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