Animated corporate videos are a must-have in any company’s marketing arsenal, and that’s not just an opinion – it’s a fact based on cold, hard stats. Videos are far more attractive than plain text when users search on Google. In fact, including a video on your website drives organic traffic by as much as 157% and consumers spend more than twice as long on a webpage with videos than without.

That’s some solid marketing gold right there. Here’s the thing – excellent, user-engaging corporate video animation and filming doesn’t just materialise out of thin air. In order to take advantage of all the benefits this cutting-edge medium has to offer, you need to partner with a corporate video production company who knows what’s what and gets your vibe.

So, how do you choose a corporate video production agency in 2022? Here are a few top tips to get you started:

Know what you’re looking for

Before you start shopping around, you need to know what you’re shopping for. The best corporate video companies specialise in different styles of animation, and knowing what look and feel you’re going for will help to narrow down your options quite a bit.

It helps to have a look around YouTube to see what kind of corporate videos speak to you. Once you’ve identified a few you like the look of, a pattern is likely to emerge that could point you towards the animation style you prefer.

Take some time to snoop online portfolios

Successful video production companies always have a riveting online portfolio. Before you set up any meetings, look through the videos that your top contenders are showcasing on their website (which is likely to be the cream of the crop) and then make your way to their YouTube and Vimeo channels to get a broader lay of the land.

Enquire about budget and procedural hoops

Know what you are willing and able to pay for your corporate video, and find a company that can work within that budget. While you’re discussing rates, be sure to find out if the company you’re interviewing are able to offer a fixed price, or if you will be billed according to time spent. This will make a big difference in how you should approach the project as a whole.

Following these guidelines will make it much easier to secure some seriously awesome corporate video production services in 2022. The key takeaway here is that the agency you choose should be there to serve you, not the other way around. Choose an agency that makes you feel heard. You should be energised and inspired every time you leave a meeting, and there should be a well-balanced sense of respect between both parties that underpins every interaction.

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