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HolyCow Johannesburg is a creative communications agency. We are an experienced collective of strategists, artists, animators and storytellers who share a passion for solving business and communication challenges and meeting with fresh, creative solutions.


Over the last 15 years we have had the pleasure of working with leading South African and the global brands, helping them engage their clients and employees using a mix of creative campaigns and digital solutions.


It has been quite a journey for us at HolyCow Johannesburg and we have seen the digital landscape change from dial-up, analogue “death by PowerPoint” to superfast, internet-of-things, blockchain thinking that demands our attention 24-7…365. In today’s tech heavy world with tech savvy audiences, business require a special set of skills to cut through the clutter and stand out.


With so many asks, so many possibilities and so many options, it can be tricky for organisations to navigate this new digital world. Companies need specialist agencies that understand the modern digital landscape and even more importantly, that understand the people who live in it.


Despite all the changes in the past decade, one thing remains true – people won’t care about something if they don’t understand it or see the “why” in it. And that’s where HolyCow Johannesburg comes in. We help people care. We help companies show that they care about their employees. And we help end customers care about the products and services our clients put out into the world.


HolyCow Johannesburg started out as a creative production farm, servicing the advertising industry and corporate market with high-end animation and video production services. This, after all, is our passion, our differentiator and remains a key element of what we do. Since then, we have grown in experience, skill and capability, widening our scope of services to become one of South Africa’s leading internal communication and creative agencies, keeping video and storytelling at the heart of what we do.


Yes, we know that all sounds very clever but what do we at HolyCow Johannesburg actually do? Our team of innovative thinkers and innovators speak to the part of the brain that you just can’t measure. It’s like asking someone to explain exactly why they love a sunset, or the smell of rain after a thunderstorm. Or their loved one. It’s about connecting to the senses, speaking to the truth, about tapping into what makes us human. It’s capturing a message that cuts through the logic and hits us where it counts. Powerful visual storytelling and video, when done right, can start a movement and change the world.


When all is said and done, it’s about getting to heart of the matter so that people care. And HolyCow Johannesburg does exactly that with digital, creative services that speak human. Whether we’re helping a company articulate why they do what they do, or providing an executive with a compelling visual story to help sway an opinion, or delivering a cutting edge visualization that promotes an organisation’s latest innovation that saves lives, we provide the way and the means to communicate this to the world.


The HolyCow Johannesburg team are experts at simplifying content and converting complex ideas and services into compelling and entertaining stories that solve business problems and get audiences on board and into action.

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59 12th Avenue,Johannesburg, 2193
011 447 2318

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