Millennials have entered the workforce by storm and are adamant about working for values-driven companies in positions that fill them with purpose. Read on to find how you can land and retain this new breed of employee who is guaranteed to breathe life into your business.

Sheesh, Millennials, huh? *Insert token joke about avocado toast, home loan refusal and Airbnb.* Here’s the thing – however perturbed businesses may be by the new generation of employees entering the workforce, this is our future. These bright young things with big ideals are making waves, but to be honest, that’s exactly what many companies need – a swift kick in the dusty old status quo.

If you have been wondering how to land and engage this exciting new brand of employee, here are a few vital pointers:

Find your story to attract the right people

The simplest place to start is to ask yourself: why? Why are you doing what you’re doing as a company? What is your driving force, mission, vision and purpose? Once you have that figured out, you need to package it and put it out there through various digital channels and through SEO, so you can attract the right type of employee. After all, if you start out by showing potential candidates exactly what you’re about, you are more likely to find the type of person who will naturally engage and fit into your culture. This in turn will result in better retention rates, which is just all-around good for everyone.

Realise that purpose comes in many guises

Yes, Millennials want to be engaged, but they don’t expect the purpose-driven life to fall into their laps. They’re willing to work for it. You just have to give them the platform to communicate what they need in order to find that purpose within your organisation. Not everyone has to be a trauma nurse to feel that they are making a difference in the world. Perhaps employees would like to be involved in cross-skilling with other departments to share their knowledge, or maybe they’d like to pitch an idea about a collaboration with a cause they admire. Open the floor to discussions and get the info straight from the horse’s mouth.

Stay loose & adaptable

The companies that will thrive going into the future are those with nimble and adaptable organisational structures. Be willing to grow with your employees and find solutions that make the working environment more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Happy employees are productive employees, so if you are willing to consider ideas like flexi-time, remote working, satellite teams and partially permanent contracts, you are likely to get the cream of the crop. Alternatively, make a point of determining how you can make your office space a place where everyone feels motivated and engaged – it’s where your employees spend up to a third of their life, after all…(although maybe not such much and more if remote working options become the norm!)

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