Why Multimedia Design Rocks

by | Dec 2, 2013 | HolyCow News

You may be thinking, what is multimedia design? Well multimedia design is where creativity and technology meet! It’s a way of communicating a message over a technological platform such as a website in an interactive manner.

But, what can multimedia design do for your company? Why should you use it and what are the benefits?

  • Interactive multimedia design

Interactive multimedia design is a form of design where the user or viewer is able to navigate through the design themselves and choose which parts they want to access. Platforms such as DVDs, interactive PDF’s and interactive website slideshows are a good example.

Multimedia design can greatly enhance the usability and effectiveness of your website. Visitors love interactivity – it gives them something to get their hands on and gives them a sense of involvement.

Captivate and inform website visitors with interactive elements such as a moving slideshow, animated information and embedded videos.

  • Engage all types of audiences

Multimedia design can be used across a wide range of platforms. Combining creative with technology means that you will be able to effectively access a wide range of audience types through interactive multimedia methods.

Multimedia design is about creating the content and then developing the platforms to engage a wide range of audience members. The benefits of utilising such a tool are endless.

Key takeaway: If you want an effective, yet far-reaching tool to engage a wide range of audience, then multimedia design is the way to go to ensure a combined use of creativity and technology.

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