Each Friday, we’ll be bringing you our round-up of what we think deserves your attention in the online video space. Not just because of video views, but because of video shares. In other words, these videos tick certain boxes – boxes that make people want to share them. And that’s true social currency.

Online video Number 1 – Apple: the new iPad – TV ad

  • The first ad for the new iPad certainly does the job in getting people excited ahead of the launch.
  • The video ad already has 1 million views which are clearly a sign that the new iPad has created huge anticipation.
    The ad focuses on the iPad’s main new feature: the brilliant high-resolution Retina display.
  • If you’re in the US, you can get the new iPad on 16th March and you’ll have to wait until the 23rd of March if you’re elsewhere in the world.

Until then, watch the ad!

Online Video Number 2 – Kony 2012

  • This video is a massive talking point at the moment.
  • 70 million views already. We’re not going to get into the controversy but we are going to bring this video to your attention if you haven’t watched it already.
  • It’s a 30-minute documentary produced by Invisible Children Inc., a non-profit organisation whose intention it is to bring Joseph Kony into the spotlight, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest.Kony and his followers have abducted and forced an estimated 30,000 children to fight for them, and have forced the internal displacement of over 2 million people since their rebellion began in 1986.

Here’s the video


Online Video Number 3 – DollarShaveClub.com – Our blades are f***ing great
On a lighter note, this is a SERIOUSLY funny ad. We laughed a lot. The premise for Dollar Shave Club is that you don’t need to go out to get your razors anymore. No more fancy razors. You choose a low-cost razor, pay a minimal monthly fee and the razor is delivered to your door.


And that’s our Online Video round-up for this week.


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