BMW Plant Rosslyn

The Business Challenge

HolyCow was asked to conceptualise, design and implement an internal training and education campaign to communicate different focus areas over a two-year period for BMW Plant Rosslyn. The focus areas included safety, sustainability, quality and strategy. The concept, theme and implementation required a solution that used simple language to unpack and explain concepts while encouraging engagement. 

Our Solution

A main campaign called “What Drives You” that all other sub-campaigns could fall under. We introduced the campaign by asking BMW Plant Rosslyn employees what drives them to bring their best to work each day. The personal values were then linked to company values and strategy. Throughout the campaign, video, branding, internal TV networks and activations were used to share information. USSD codes were used to receive feedback and track participation.

Bringing it to Life for BMW Plant Rosslyn

The campaign began with a launch video to introduce the concept. This was then followed with a documentary-style video of one of the employees who embodied the company values and encouraged his colleagues to do the same. To connect personal and company values, a series of videos with leaders was produced where they shared what drives them. This led to sharing and reinforcing the company values and strategy through an animated explainer video, physical roadmap, departmental activations and branding across the plant.


To focus on safety, two activation “Safety Days” were held. These days incorporated a series of games and activites to share vital safety  information and procedures. Employees competed to earn points for their department as well as individual prizes. This created a sense of healthy competition and camaraderie between the departments to see which department understood the safety protocols best. The “Safety Day” has grown to become an annual anticipated event for employees.


For sustainability, a showcase style activation was hosted where different sustainability partners were invited to share the work they do to ensure the plant retains its zero-waste status. Employees were invited to engage with the suppliers, win prizes and learn more about the sustainable projects within the plant, including the latest vehicle technology.


Focusing on quality, a gamified campaign called “The League of Excellence” was developed to celebrate departments and individuals who consistently achieve volume targets, reduce incidents and contribute to quality and innovation in a substantial way. Using a gamified log system, similar to that used in sport, employees were able to see which departments were meeting and exceeding their KPIs consistently. At the end of the “league season”, the top departments and top performing individuals were announced and celebrated. This is an ongoing concept and campaign.


The Results

Feedback from the campaign was extremely positive. BMW Plant Rosslyn employees were able to articulate how they believed they could align with company values and strategy, as well as experience first-hand how the company intended to move forwards. Information retention was high due to the interactive nature of learning and opportunity to share personal insights.

An internal TV network programme has been conceptualised and planned to continue, which will provide relevant communication, information and entertainment for employees.


HolyCow punch well above their weight in their ability to synthesise complex business narratives into fascinatingly explicable visual effects and easy-to-digest sound bites. Thank you, job well done!

Guy Martin

Founder, Bluprints

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