Standard Bank Clean Desk

The Brief

HolyCow was assigned to create an engaging yet educational communications campaign informing staff of the importance of adhering to Standard Bank’s Clean Desk policy.

What We Did

For this Investment Banking audience, the campaign was driven by a ‘spy-espionage’ story which housed videos, desk drop clues and interactive digital content; and allowed for fun and engaging activities whilst delivering some serious messaging.

  • ENGAGEMENT 80% 80%

The Result

Feedback from Management was that staff were so engaged, some even came into the office on off days to receive their next ‘clue’ in the campaign so they could decipher the code! The campaign was entered into an internal award which was a first for an project of this kind.

HolyCow punch well above their weight in their ability to synthesise complex business narratives into fascinatingly explicable visual effects and easy-to-digest sound bites. Thank you, job well done!

Guy Martin

Founder, Bluprints

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