We live in an ever-changing, digitally-driven world – grabbing people’s attention and keeping it requires constant innovation, authenticity, and a good story. Over our two decades, we have seen marketing trends come and go. Using video, however, has remained a constant (just like us). In recent years, we’ve seen some standout uses of video marketing.


Here are a few of our favourite viral brand videos: 

  1. Old Spice: A Refreshing Take on Advertising

Old Spice, once seen as a traditional brand, decided to take a bold leap into the world of video marketing. They revamped their image with a series of quirky and entertaining commercials featuring the “Old Spice Guy.” These ads captured the essence of their brand in a fresh and engaging manner, instantly becoming viral sensations. Old Spice gave it horns, rebranding itself with flair and achieving a surge in brand engagement and sales.


  1. Dollar Shave Club: The Power of Authenticity

Dollar Shave Club disrupted the grooming industry by embracing the authenticity of video marketing. Founder Michael Dubin starred in a no-holds-barred behind the scenes tour of the company, leveraging his own quick wit and sense of humour to not only explain the club’s value proposition but also showcase their products in an engaging manner. His authentic approach catapulted Dollar Shave Club to stardom overnight, proving that being authentic and direct in your messaging can give you the competitive edge.


  1. Blendtec: Blending Innovation and Entertainment

Blendtec, a blender manufacturer, demonstrated that creativity goes a long way in video marketing success. They created a series of entertaining videos titled “Will It Blend?” where they blended unusual objects like golf balls and iPhones. These videos not only showcased the power of their product but also provided a unique form of entertainment, perfect for the niche branch of weird and wacky experiments that can be found across social media. Blendtec’s videos were like a bull charging through the crowd, grabbing the attention of viewers and distinguishing them from the competition.


  1. Red Bull: Living Life on the Edge

Red Bull is known for taking risks and giving it horns in the world of marketing. Leveraging their extreme sports sponsorships, they have used video marketing to show rather than tell audiences about their values of living life to the fullest by sharing unique jaw-dropping video content such as Felix Baumgartner’s space jump. Red Bull’s videos capture the spirit of adventure and adrenaline that they have become synonymous with.


  1. GoPro: Capturing Life’s Thrills

GoPro, the creators of versatile action cameras, harnessed the power of video marketing to inspire adventure enthusiasts. Through partnerships with adventure and travel influences, the brand leverages the capabilities of its products to build a community of thrill-seekers who can’t wait to get a first-person view of the latest skydive, cliff jump, or bungee. The use of this authentic, partnered or crowdsourced footage shows what the brand is all about and gives inspiration on how you might capture your next exhilarating moment. 


  1. Dove: Promoting Self-Confidence and Authenticity

Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign represents the quieter strength of video marketing. This campaign challenged conventional beauty standards and encouraged self-confidence. Through videos featuring real women discussing self-image and the influence of media on beauty ideals, Dove aimed to reshape perceptions and foster self-acceptance. It’s a reminder that video marketing doesn’t always have to charge ahead like a bull; it can also make a significant impact through thoughtful messaging.


In the world of video marketing, the key to success lies in creating content that resonates, entertains, and inspires. These brands have demonstrated that by infusing creativity into their video marketing efforts, they can achieve remarkable success.

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