How corporate videos can get you to the top of Google (SEO)


In a world where everyone’s competing for your customer’s attention, it’s important to be a step ahead. Learn more about how you can use corporate videos to drastically improve your SEO strategy and drive more consumers to your website in this six-minute read: 


  • Our brains love watching video. In fact, we retain 95% of messages that are communicated using video, compared to 10% when reading.
  • Videos are far more attractive than plain text when users search on Google. Including a video on your website drives organic traffic by 157%.
  • Consumers spend more than twice as long on a webpage with videos than without.


An SEO Marketing Essential

Corporate videos have become an essential part of any organisations marketing strategy. They are used by companies of all sizes to communicate with their audiences in a relevant, engaging and memorable way.


Corporate videos are a powerful SEO tool


Corporate videos, however, have become about more than just creating engagement. This powerful communication tool can also be used to improve your SEO efforts and ultimately increase your website rankings. So how exactly does this work?


In this blog we’ll discuss how creating compelling corporate videos can drastically improve your website’s rankings, getting your company in front of the right audience. But first, let’s run through the concept of SEO and the rising popularity of video content.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the visibility of your company’s website through organic search engine results. The higher your website ranks, the more likely it is your target audience will see your website, read through your content and get to know more about your brand’s offerings.




The power of SEO becomes clear when you consider that the top listing website on Google’s search page receives more than 33% of traffic, according to Slingshot (This study took place over six months, analysing more than 320 keywords).


So making sure your website ranks highly on search engine pages becomes a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

An increasingly more important way to boost your company’s SEO efforts is by incorporating high-quality corporate videos on your website, capturing the attention of your audience.

Why is Video Content Popular?

But first, why is video content so popular? We’ve listed a few reasons below:


Corporate videos are far more effective than any other communication medium: 


Videos are an excellent tool for delivering large volumes of information in a short frame of time.  They are for great storytellers, making even the most complex information digestible and easy to understand.


Corporate videos’ use of audio and visual features help us retain messages far better than any other communication medium. In fact, the brain retains 95% of messages that are communicated using video, compared to 10% when read.


Social media loves corporate videos:


If you’re looking to create engagement with your audience, then using videos on social media platforms is your best bet. Consumers that resonate with your brand’s content are more likely to share it with their friends, increasing your company’s reach and awareness.


Corporate videos entertain: 


A videos use of music, text, and visuals makes even the most dreary content exciting and engaging. They let you guide your customer throughout their purchasing journey to a call to action without losing their attention. This is compared to text, which relies heavily on word choice, tone and sentence structure to communicate your company’s message efficiently.


How can corporate videos boost SEO results?


Corporate videos increase dwell time and lower bounce rates.


Keeping users on a website for an extended period can be difficult, especially if they don’t find what they’re looking for pretty quickly.


The use of visual content on a website is hugely beneficial when trying to convince users to learn more about your company’s offerings. Due to a video’s engaging nature, users can get a better understanding of your brand’s core messaging relatively quickly before deciding whether to explore your site further or not. In fact, studies by Wistia found that people spend twice as long on a web page with corporate videos than without.


From an SEO perspective, Google views longer user sessions in a positive light. The longer someone spends going through your website, the more likely it is that search engines will view your corporate videos as valuable content, enhancing the trustworthiness of your website and increasing your page ranking.


Longer dwell time isn’t the only benefit to good quality video productions, they also lower bounce rates.


If you’ve done your homework and have a good understanding of your target audience, your corporate video’s content should be interesting to them – drawing the user deeper into viewing your website and its different pages, ultimately lowering your bounce rate.


If a search engine believes your users are finding useful content relevant to their search terms, the higher your website ranks.  It’s just that simple.


Enticing corporate videos increase click through rates.


Video is far more attractive than plain text when users search on Google. In fact, corporate videos on a web page drive organic traffic by 157% according to research by Brightcove.


It is, however, important to remember that an attractive title and thumbnail is important for increasing click rates through to your company website. You may have amazing video content but if your thumbnail and title doesn’t capture the attention of your audience, your video will be wasted.


A key consideration when trying to increase your click-through rate and driving traffic to your website is creating a good title and an attention-grabbing thumbnail.


Corporate videos can be used to create quality backlinks.


The higher the quality of your content, the more likely you are to create backlinks to your website.

Creating quality corporate videos entice users to watch and share your company’s content that links out to forums, blogs and other websites.


Alternatively, uploading your company videos to a third-party hosting platform like YouTube is another way of creating great backlinks to your website. Adding links to your website under your channel’s information and video description is a powerful tool in your SEO box.


How to create high-quality corporate videos that’ll boost your SEO rankings


Optimise your corporate videos for mobile:


For the past couple of years, more Google searches have been completed on mobile devices than desktop computers. That means your customers are likely searching for and watching your company’s videos on their mobile devices.


Above this, Google has switched to a mobile-first index, which means that the search engine is using the mobile content of your webpage to determine your company’s ranking position. In addition to this, findings by Cisco show that 75% of all mobile traffic will be video-based.


SEO marketing


With this trend only going to continue it’s important that your company’s website and corporate videos are correctly optimised for mobile devices to create a responsive and engaging experience for users.


Give some context around your corporate videos: 


Publishing your company’s videos to a webpage without any relevant written information or visuals makes it difficult for search engines to identify and rank your video results.


Search engines look for meta titles, descriptions and transcripts (which you should use to target more keywords) to get more context around what your corporate video is about. The likes of Google will use these relevant keywords to rank your corporate video appropriately.


Including a meta title and description gives the likes of Google an idea of what your corporate videos are about.


Creating consistent corporate videos that resonate with your audience:


Who is your target audience? Before publishing your videos online, make sure to answer this one question.


Having an understanding of your customer’s needs, interests and the questions they may have about your brand’s offerings, you start to get an idea of what content they may be searching for.

Regularly uploading corporate videos that are valuable to your audience puts you in the good books of search engines. The more valuable your videos are seen, the higher your chances your website will rank in your audiences search queries.


While all these practices play a significant role in boosting your SEO efforts, it’s important to remember that your corporate videos should be used to educate, entertain and help consumers with getting to know your brand better.


So we’ve established a few considerations for you to look over before creating your corporate videos:


Understanding your target audience:


As we mentioned earlier, understanding your audience’s interests and what their needs are when searching should guide you on the type of language and visuals that resonate with them. This helps establish how your core message should be delivered, setting the overall tone for your corporate videos.


Going down the marketing funnel: 


Think about what information your customers need at each stage of their purchasing journey. For example, at the awareness stage, your video content should inform your customers of the benefits of your brand’s offerings and help them answer any questions they may have about your company, resolving any initial concerns they may have before moving onto the next stage.


How to package your corporate videos:  


It’s Important to understand what sort of corporate videos your customers are looking for when trying to rank your content. Perhaps your customers are looking for “how-to” videos for your brand’s offerings, or they’re using a search term that you haven’t considered before.


Taking into account what information your target audience is searching for can give you significant insight around how to structure and package your company’s videos.


Corporate videos can be a powerful communications tool for your company to boost SEO results and increase your website visits. Keeping in mind a few best practices and establishing a clear message that’s aligned to your company’s goals, will help you maximise your online presence.

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