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Internal communication.

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Strategic internal communication is a science.

Newton had the apple. Archimedes had the bathtub incident in Syracuse. HolyCow has 10+ years’ worth of creating communication strategies that are tailored for Eureka moments.

We get stories, we get people & we get business.

Engaged employees are inspired and motivated, which leads to positive business outcomes. If you want your business to thrive you need to know what makes your employees tick and how to use that knowledge to inspire your team. Our Strategic Internal Communications Agency based in South Africa understands how to engage and align your people. 

It starts with your story…We do the rest.

Our approach to strategic internal communication.

We breathe life into business culture helping staff to understand their personal map in an organisation.

We are conceptual visual experts, using digital technology and tools to present big ideas, simplify complex processes and articulate growth strategy.

We help demystify and simplify industry jargon into a language that varying audiences understand and can act on.

We deliver campaigns that inspire meaningful conversations between organisations and their staff that result in memorable outcomes and positive change.

We help organisations, reach employees in fresh ways that ignite and inspire a positive high-performance culture.

We facilitate clear communication that is led by strategic thinking that leaves individuals with a sense of what they need to do.

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    HolyCow is by far one of the best agencies I have ever worked with. Their commitment to understand the brief, ensure client satisfaction and go the extra mile is invaluable to any organisation that will use them. They are fun, innovative and they always deliver on time.
    Mieke Burger, Head of HR & Training
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