FACT: Profitability does not equal engagement. Your business could be enjoying the best quarter of its existence, but that doesn’t mean your employees are fully (and happily) engaged.

ISSUE: Sustained future growth requires organisational agility and innovation, which is hard to push for when your team is not united behind you.

SOLUTION: Lead with engagement in mind.

Easier said than done? Here are the 6 verbs engaging leaders have in common:

  1. Own. Stepping up to own solutions in times of change and upheaval.
  2. Energise. Keeping their team focused on their shared vision by channelling positivity.
  3. Connect. Being the glue that binds, not the authority that divides.
  4. Stabilise. Listening, remaining calm and unifying when times get tough.
  5. Serve. Giving back to their team by empowering and enabling them as individuals.
  6. Grow. Developing their own skills continuously while remaining humble and authentic in their actions.

Would you like to stimulate the development of engaging leadership throughout your organisation? Here are the four verbs that will help you do so:

  1. Measure. The only way to know if your employees are happily engaged is to ask them. Measure their satisfaction on a continuous basis and follow through on the results of these surveys. Don’t let the stats lie around in a drawer – take action, and then measure some more.
  2. Develop. The leaders throughout your company aren’t going to transform into engagement machines by themselves. Workshops and coaching will be required to help them tap into their own potential and pave the way for habitual engaging behaviour. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge or a change of perspective.
  3. Assess. Keep track of your key leaders’ progress in their role. Are they applying engagement principles? Follow up and keep track.
  4. Reward. If a key leader enjoys success within their team thanks to owning the six verbs of engaging leadership, reward them for it. Similarly, if a key leader does not step up to the plate, hold them accountable. Engaged teams shouldn’t be negotiable, it has to be a KPI.

HolyCow has the inside track when it comes to smoothing the way to sustainable employee engagement, so check back soon to learn more this vital aspect of internal business management.

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