Steps to Advertising on YouTube

by | Dec 2, 2013 | HolyCow News

So you’ve heard about YouTube and online videos all over the place. You may have even heard about advertising on YouTube. But, do you really know what it involves to actually get your company advertised on YouTube?

We’ve put together some steps to assist you to effectively advertise on YouTube.

  • Step 1: Add your video to your blog

If you’re considering advertising on YouTube, I can only assume you already have a blog – the most important part of online marketing? Great!

Well, one of the best ways to promote your YouTube video and get more viewers, and ultimately increase sales is to add your video to your blog – which is already roping in the inbound marketing results right?

  • Step 2: Share your video link on social media sites

Yes, social media is good for everything. Especially for boosting your YouTube video views. Bonus – it’s free advertising. Everyone loves free advertising.

Share your link on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Make sure you tell people what your video is about (whether its a product launch, or a fun introduction to your company).

  • Step 3: Use YouTube video promotion

Very similar to how Google Adwords works, YouTube Promoted Videos work as a paid pay per video advertisement.

Your video ad will show up on the right hand side of video searches relevant to your ad.

  • Step 4: Boost your video views with Google Adwords

You can create text and image Google Ads to boost your video views. YouTube is part of the Google Display Network which provides advertising solutions across the Google product range, including Google Search and Adwords.

There’s more to advertising on YouTube than just posting a video and getting hits. In order to be effective in your YouTube advertising, you need to take the steps to promote your video, ensuring hits and results.

Remember to keep in mind the Technical and Community Guidelines that advertisers need to comply with when advertising on YouTube. These are mostly no-brainers, but we’d suggest having a read over them before you launch your campaign.

Key takeaway: 800 000 000 people visit YouTube every month, you need to ensure that you are reaching as many of those visitors as possible with your video advertising.

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