The Path to an Unbelievable Explainer Video

by | Apr 28, 2014 | HolyCow News

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your explainer video can be equated to the Smithsonian library. Explainer videos are highly effective tools used to introduce a new company, product, or service to the public as a way to generate buzz. Considering that approximately half of South African smartphone users watch a video on their smartphone every month, creating compelling explainer videos can introduce you to an entirely untapped market. To get you started, a few tips for creating the ideal explainer video are listed below.

Size Does Matter
In most cases bigger is better, but in this instance your explainer video should be three minutes or less. If your video must be longer, you should break the video up into multiple videos. Shorter videos have a higher likelihood of being being shared on social media.

Speak in Plain Language
The best videos are communicated in a language that everyone, regardless of background, will easily understand. It’s imperative to omit all types of technical jargon and speak in plain language.

Visuals Aid
Your background visuals and speaker should keep your audience engaged. It’s a great practice to choose scenery or locations that support to the overall message. The goal is to create a scene your audience can easily envision themselves in.

Dedicated Message
Your explainer video should speak to a specific target audience and deliver a clear value-added benefit based on what your audience deems as important.

Once Upon a Time…
Instead of spouting off facts and figures, your video will be much more effective with a narrative tone. Telling stories will illicit a higher rate of response because people respond much better to stories. However, you should avoid introducing a character in the beginning and then turning directly to product features. The best practice is to identify the problems of your viewer, which will allow you to connect emotionally with your viewer. The story will then show and explain your product in action.

Features Alone Don’t Benefit
While the product features are extremely important, consumers don’t buy features; they buy the benefits.
Although you should explain the feature, the benefit should be communicated through the narrative of the story, which should offer the

Consider your video as a constant storyteller for your brand. This video offers the opportunity to communicate your story based on your audience’s interests and needs, which are effectively met by your brand.

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