Training videos shouldn’t send staff to sleep

by | Dec 2, 2013 | HolyCow News

No employee likes boring training videos. In fact, quite a lot of them would rather continue working than sit through another presentation on sexual harassment in the workplace or proper chemical handling procedures. Yet, video is still one of the best teaching tools available – if you can get your people to pay attention to it

So, we’ve got some tips to help you produce effective training videos that are interesting while still being informative.

Tips For Making Interesting Training Videos

  • Make it relevant.

This is the #1 most important element whenever you want to capture someone’s attention. If an employee feels they are being forced to watch a video simply because YOU want them to, they aren’t going to be engaged. It needs to be made relevant to them, by clearly demonstrating that it affects a problem in their lives or that they’ve experienced in their workplace.

  • Be funny.

Educators know that humor is virtually always an effective way of imparting information. Laughter releases adrenaline, which helps memory retention. For example, one of the most effective training videos I know of is actually a parody: the infamous Forklift Driver Klaus.

This satire of forklift training videos utilizes comically over-the-top gore effects to illustrate the dangers of poor forklift operation. However, it’s been reported to be in use in many warehouses specifically because it reinforces the safety procedures more effectively than the standard dull video of rules and regulations. While “splatstick” might not be appropriate for your workplace, look at using humor rather than browbeating.

  • Explain why.

One easy trap for training videos to fall into is to become a list of rules and regulations that don’t explain why they are necessary. If you explain to people why a certain rule truly makes things better, they’re more likely to remember it and to follow it.

  • Use hard data and infographics.

Facts are more convincing than opinion. Don’t be afraid to pepper your training video with relevant statistics and data that help illustrate its purpose. The occasional infographic or animated interlude breaks up the presentation, and reinforces the facts that underlie the goals presented in the video. Your employees have brains; appeal to them.

Key Takeaway: To make effective and interesting training videos you need to engage your audience both emotionally and intellectually, and give them clear reasons to believe the information in it is relevant to them.

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