The way we receive and interpret information is rapidly changing and affecting video production. In this five-minute read, we’ll discuss how immersive technology is being used by companies to connect with their customers and influence their purchasing behaviours.

• Immersive technology gives users the ability to completely submerge themselves in simulated environments, exploring the benefits and uses of company offerings.
• A 360-degree video production receives 22% more interactions than conventional visuals, also increasing click-through rates by more than 35%.
• Augmented reality merges both physical and digital objects into one, creating a truly interactive experience for users.

Since its inception over a century ago, film has always tried to capture the attention and imaginations of audiences. As a constantly evolving industry, these last couple of years have been no exception. Film has seen an explosion in technical and digital innovations, influencing everything from the video production process to the way organisations are using the medium in their greater marketing strategies.

So what does the future look like for video production, and how can your business harness the power of this communication tool? We take a look at three immersive technologies being used to meet customers ever-increasing digital needs.

But first, why immersive technology?

Your customers are always on the hunt for authentic video production that connects them to their favourite brands in new and engaging ways, and immersive technology is the perfect way to do this.

No matter the industry, product or service, immersive technologies are being used by companies to educate, entertain and engage with audiences through memorable experiences. Many of the organisations that took the initial leap in using this tech are starting to reap the rewards:

Virtual reality:

As we all know, standalone video production has the ability to effect change, from improving customer engagement to seeing greater conversion rates, a carefully crafted video goes a long when communicating with your customers. However, a few companies have taken it a step further with the introduction of virtual reality.

Interactive technology is being used to completely immerse users in simulated environments for reasons that range from helping consumers explore the benefits of a company’s product offering to putting employees in controlled environments during training programmes.

As a corporate training tool, virtual reality has given companies the ability to fully submerge their new and current staff members in simulated environments, establishing different sets of scenarios that may impact them in the real world.

The benefits are clear when you consider the increase in employee retention rates and reduction in training costs. According to the Association for Talent Development, employees remembered 75% of what was learnt using immersive technology through on-demand repetition training – something that’s difficult to replicate in the real world.

Above this, the technology allows consumers to trial products before making a purchase. A study conducted by Quytech found that immersive content had increased customer engagement rates by 30% and reduced product returns by 25 %.


Augmented reality:

This immersive tool has been overshadowed by VR for quite a while now, but times are changing and companies are taking a closer look at the potential of augmented reality. The technology has the ability to merge both physical and digital objects into one, creating a truly interactive experience for users, and all from the availability of our mobile devices.

Much like your traditional video production, augmented reality is engaging, used to illustrate product benefits and enhance understanding amongst target audiences.

Increasingly, companies are shifting their attention towards technology to create an easier and more convenient way for users to learn about information complex products and services. Augmented reality becomes particularly useful when demonstrating how an offering works or what a digital product may look like in reality, ultimately influencing consumers purchasing decisions.

Another benefit to the technology is that you’re able to maximise customer engagement rates, no matter the medium your content is on. Whether your advertisements are available on social media platforms or in magazines, your customers can partake in an immersive visual experience.

For example, augmented reality has the ability to transform printed media into navigable video production, or even a rendered 3D image of your company’s product, all with the use of your smartphone camera.

360-degree video production:

Being the most popular immersive technology by far, 360-degree video production has been used by companies to give customers full coverage of a brand’s captured footage, creating an engaging virtual experience.

360-degree video production technology was adopted by two of the largest social media sites, YouTube and Facebook, and companies have been quick to integrate the technology into their greater marketing strategies.

The greatest advantage of 360-degree video production is that customers are able completely immersive themselves in your company’s content on both computer and mobile devices without having to go to the expense of purchasing headsets, or the hassle of downloading applications.

This technology not only improves user accessibility but also increases viewer engagement and click-through rates. According to Google AdWords, 360-degree video production garners 22% more interactions than conventional visuals, also increasing click-through rates by more than 35%.

Video production is already the most effective communication tool for a company to use thanks to the combination of motion and sound, however, consumers are increasingly expecting more in this rapidly changing digital age.

Use of either of these three immersive technologies may prove useful to your company’s video production strategy in the near future if they aren’t relevant already.

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