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by | Dec 2, 2013 | HolyCow News

The use of video throughout the Internet has boomed in the last decade, and as a marketing tool, the case for website video in business is stronger than ever. The impact that video can have in your business is astounding and it’s usage is not as widespread as it should be, given its effectivenesss. The good thing about this is that you still have a window to gain a leg up over your competitors.

Far from the 90s days of huddling around a postage-stamp sized window that stops to buffer every few seconds, video today streams constantly all around the world. Over four billion hours of video are watched through YouTube alone every month, delivered to over 100 million customers each day ranging from Cape Town to Cambodia.

The appeal of video is easy to see: It conveys more information than text or pictures, especially in emotional matters. You have a huge range of options for your presentation, from spokespeople to animation to 3D infographics. Music, sound effects, and voiceovers can be added. Clickable elements can be embedded into video to further enhance it.

Part of the reason so many people like video is that it has so many ways to bring people what they want to see. So, it’s no surprise that using website video in business is also extremely effective at reaching out to people.

The Clear Benefits of Website Video in Business

Based on this nice bit of curation of recent studies into web video usage, there are some very impressive numbers being reported about website video.

  • People are twice as likely to take action on a page with a video than people seeing the same page without the video.
  • One retailer reported a 144% increase in sales in products with video over those without. Another boasted a 400% conversion rate with video.
  • Even the lowest reported conversion increase was 9%, which is still nothing to sniff at.

Plus, video is cheaper and easier to make today than ever before. It’s available to anyone with a smartphone or laptop made sometime in the last decade. Video editing software is inexpensive as well, with professional-grade packages available for only a few hundred dollars, and with plenty of free options as well.

Many businesses already have everything they need to produce basic videos. The only major expense is the time involved in producing them, at least initially.

The Many Uses of Website Video for Business

Website video can also be deployed in multiple roles throughout your website.

  • On your home page, introducing your company and briefly stating your purpose, as well as your benefit to the visitor.
  • On landing pages, describing your offer and the benefit to your customer.
  • On blogs, enhancing the content through personal descriptions or infographics.
  • On sales pages, showing off each product.
  • On social media, with “behind the scenes” shots or videos of corporate events, meant to enhance your relatability.

Additionally, it adds to your branding as well. Strategic placement of your brand a few times throughout a video aids in later recall. Color choices can be utilized to tie into your corporate colors, and the ones used on your website.

In short, website video is here and it’s going to be around for the foreseeable future. It’s useful throughout your online marketing campaigns, bringing in demonstrably more leads and sales. And it’s inexpensive to the point that anyone can use it, meaning that some of your competitors probably already are.

If your company isn’t already investigating the use of Internet video on your website, it’s definitely time to consider it. It offers too many benefits with too few costs to ignore.

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