It’s been six years now since UPS aired a series of commercials the mesmerised audiences without using a memorable tagline, special effects, or unexpected humour. In these spots, a man draws vehicles on a whiteboard; the drawings soon take a life of their own and mould into other figures as the man explains what the shipper does. Although it wasn’t the first use of whiteboard animation for marketing, the UPS commercials put the form on the map.

Why Whiteboard Animation Works

While the concept of whiteboard animation, also known as video scribing, is well-suited for television, it fits even better on the Internet, where potential leads are always looking for engaging content. Videos are among the best ways to hook visitors to a site, particularly through a captivating medium like whiteboard animation, which appeals to us for a variety of reasons:

  • It tells a story: Whiteboard animation can tell your story. And if done well, it can paint a significant story in a simple and creative way that will stick with the viewers.
  • It hooks the audience: Ordinary videos are compelling enough, but the animated medium adds a new layer. Viewers will are immediately caught up in this unique style.
  • It engages through movement: Still pictures can capture viewers for a short amount of time. Whiteboard animation goes one step further and blends in movement to create an attractive piece.
  • It effectively uses whitespace: Online marketers understand the importance of manipulating whitespace. Whiteboard animation is mostly whitespace, making a subconscious connection with viewers and keeping them at attention.

How Whiteboard Animation Can Help Your Business

But can video scribing really help your business grow? The buzz surrounding the form is indeed justified. When done effectively, the ROI makes this marketing well worth it.

Introduce Your Company

If your company is a startup, or if it’s just a startup on the Internet, it’s vital that you separate yourself from competitors. The very nature of video scribing screams “unique” and “creative”! Further, these videos provide a way of introducing well-established companies to new prospective leads.

Reach Larger Audiences

Video scribing opens a marketer’s potential audience. For instance, because of their graphical nature, these clips can even reach viewers that might be in a different hemisphere speaking a different language.

Besides offering information, whiteboard videos are a form of entertainment for consumers. Those that go viral will spread across social media platforms like wildfire. Services you may not even be aware of will be generating leads for you if a video becomes popular.

Save Time and Generate Profits

Whiteboard animation can cost your firm considerably less than a typical video, which requires directors, actors, and editors among others. Video scribing, on the other hand, requires only a whiteboard artist and a camera person to create a more engaging end product.

These videos aren’t commercials that bore viewers; instead, they nudge them toward your call of action. More viewers are willing to watch a whiteboard video than a simple commercial, and savvy as they are, use such content as a judge of your firm and whether you are worthy of their resources.
Whiteboard animation has come a long way from the UPS commercials. It’s no longer experimental – the videos are still cutting edge (particularly in South Africa, where inbound marketing is still in its early stages), but they are now engaging potential leads like never before. It’s time to consider engaging your own company in this medium and exploring how video scribing can market your business, product, or service to a new generation of consumers.


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