Corporate videos are valuable marketing tools that can boost popularity, improve public perception of your brand and cause sales to skyrocket. The importance of such a tool leaves one to wonder- why are so many of them totally unbearable? The majority of companies are still consistently releasing cringe-worthy material. With their name on it. On purpose. The question “WHY?” certainly deserves to be asked. Today, we’ll try to understand together, as we take a look at a few of the worst corporate video mistakes.

Putting someone unsociable in your video

Nobody wants to watch your CEO droning on about your company or shouting sales pitches into their faces. A talking head speaking directly into the camera can come off as cliche and antiquated, like disco dancing at a new club. If someone is getting face-time, make sure that someone is likeable and has strong speaking skills. If your CEO isn’t especially personable, try using parts from a speech or recent meeting in which he or she sounds professional and sociable.

Stuffing your video with information

You know that one drawer at home that’s full of junk that nobody knows what to do with and nobody cares about? By stuffing too much information into your video, you’ve just created the YouTube equivalent of that annoying junk drawer. Many corporate videos fail because they try to do too much. Memories are short, and people have a lot on their minds. Share your message concisely or your potential clients will forget about it as soon as their cell phone rings.

Failing to test your video

It happens all the time — a group of people work together in solitude to create something, and by the time they’re done everyone is convinced that their creation is fabulous. Don’t be so sure. This video you’ve made is meant to communicate with potential clients, so why not test the video with a few potential clients or trustworthy employees before sharing it with the entire world?
To better promote your product, do some research on how to promote your product. That advice sounds stupid-simple, but it’s true, and the only way around it is paying someone to do that exact thing for you. There aren’t any shortcuts to learning how to properly speak to your specific demographic. Common sense and legitimate work ethic are your greatest tools for creating corporate videos that are sure to avoid public embarrassment.


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