One of the quirkiest ways big companies are getting bigger online is with video illustration, which turns the business into pleasure using animated video and illustration. The end result is a comical video that describes your brand in 60 seconds. South Africa had about 6 million YouTube viewers in 2013, according to Blue Magnet Digital Solutions. Big companies are reaching some of that crowd by telling their story through animated videos, also known as video illustration or educational cartoons.

A Different Twist

The reason why big companies such as American Express use video illustration is because it’s a way to cut against the grain of massive marketing clutter that populates the internet. Most people do not go online to watch commercials, which can be interruptive and boring. Video illustration provides a way for companies to be creative and capture people’s imaginations instead of bombarding them with sales talk.

Watching an artist’s hand drawing pictures with a black marker on a whiteboard, for example, while a fast talking narrator tells a story. Claymation brings clay figures to life, which adds charm to your presentation. These forms of video illustration are not only fun to watch but are easy to learn from. Eye-catching animation combined with a simple message can be more enjoyable and memorable than the hundreds of typical easy to forget marketing messages we are bombarded with every day.

Perhaps the biggest reason why these animated videos are catching on is that animation itself has become very popular in many aspects of pop culture such as the movie industry and video games. Led by Pixar, owned by Disney, animated films have become a billion dollar industry since 2009. It makes sense that businesses beyond Hollywood are becoming inspired by animated hits.

Keys to Successful Videos

Your video illustration will stand out if you follow some simple tips. The last thing you want to do is follow trends, which is the opposite of being creative. Trends burn out and are constantly replaced by fresh new ideas, which is what your video should offer. At the same time, you’ll want your message to be the guiding focus of the presentation.

You will also want to emphasise your brand so that it’s not overshadowed by animated characters, who can potentially steal the show.

The main takeaway is that it’s better to stand out than blend in and video illustration is a way to catch your competition off guard and show that your business is more fun and creative.


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