Employee engagement is one of those hot-button topics that drives almost everyone up the wall, mostly because internal communication departments have their work cut out for them at a time when rapid organisational change is the name of the game, and there are various generations working together under one roof.

Reaching your target audience and ensuring that they’re spoken to in a way that elicits engagement can be a tough balancing act, especially when you take into account that a recent global report revealed that less than 20% of employees describe themselves as actively engaged at work. The scary part of that equation? It means that the happy, productive employees are outnumbered by their disgruntled, unproductive peers at least 2 to 1. Not a great vibe.

So, what do we do? First things first – shape your internal communications. Effective communication is an immensely powerful tool that can be used to boost business growth and stimulate workplace productivity by driving employee engagement.

How are you currently communicating with your employees? At the moment, the top three internal communication channels the world over are emails, meetings, and intranet. If your organisation conforms to this norm, it’s time to reevaluate your internal communication strategy. Why? Emails drown in overflowing inboxes; face-to-face meetings take up valuable time and busy employees ignore banners and pop-up notifications.

The answer? Video.

Video-based content engages viewers quickly and can improve their understanding of any given topic by more than 70%. By combining elements of storytelling, infographics, data visualisation, metaphors, and dynamic visual effects, video drives a message home in a far shorter amount of time, which is exactly what you want when you need to communicate something important but also want your employees to continue ticking their daily to-do lists.

But don’t take our word for it, as a video production company Trailblazing companies around the globe have already started to use video effectively as a part of their internal communication strategies. Panasonic used it to introduce a newly rolled-out internal digital application. Vodafone shared information on work-from-home options. IKEA launched a full engagement drive using animated video. If these guys are doing it, shouldn’t you?

Keep an eye out for our next blog, in which we’ll share our top four tips for improving your company’s internal communication through the medium of video.

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