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The Brief

HolyCow was briefed to develop an overarching communication campaign that could spearhead various business initiatives as well as align employees with organisational values and vision. We needed to engage staff on all levels, and clearly communicate what the values are, what they look like and how they can be used to build a better life for staff, customers and the organisation as a whole.

What we did

Holycow developed the idea that all individuals have an inherent Power that we are born with and can use to the benefit of ourselves and others.  We asked staff to see the Power in themselves and made them aware that they can use this Power to live the values of the company. Using stories, engagements, video and animation, we brought the Power to life and demonstrated in various ways what the values look like in action.


  • ENGAGEMENT 80% 80%

The Result

Engagement was measured via digital channels, staff participation in events and performance review processes. Staff reported a better understanding of company values and acknowledged the link between behaviour and performance. Videos content has been adapted for induction purposes and the Power message continues to live in staff reward and recognition platforms and ongoing initiatives.

HolyCow punch well above their weight in their ability to synthesise complex business narratives into fascinatingly explicable visual effects and easy-to-digest sound bites. Thank you, job well done!

Guy Martin

Founder, Bluprints

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