In this five-minute read, we will guide you through three top tips to consider before choosing a video production company in Johannesburg.

After reading the countless benefits of video, you’ve concluded that you need visual content in your marketing strategy. But you’re not quite sure what you should be looking for or even where to begin. And you’re right, it’s a tricky thing trying to choose a video production company in Johannesburg that’s right for your brand.

So we’ve mentioned a few points for you to consider during this process:

What type of video are you looking for? 

The very first step to choosing the perfect video production company in Johannesburg is, of course, doing some research about the sort of content you want. Have a look for the type of videos you want and keep an eye out for the content that left you anticipating more. Spending some time on this should give you a clear idea around the sort of video you want for your brand.



Which video production company in Johannesburg is right for you

Now, an experienced video production company in Johannesburg should be able to take your idea and not just bring it to life, but create content that drives customers to your website and turn potential leads into sales.

But before all this can happen you’ll need to find the right team of professionals that know how to present and deliver a video that resonates with your target audience. To get a sense of who you’ll be working with, go through the various local production company websites and their portfolio of work to get an idea of their technical and creative capabilities.

Your next step is setting up a few initial meetings with the video production companies to see how they can assist you on your content creation journey. This is your chance to share the ideas you have in mind, not only for your video but how the content will fit into your organisation’s overall marketing strategy.

These meetings should give you valuable insight into what type of video your company should be pursuing, establishing which visual elements and messages should be used to engage your target audience and their interests.

At this stage it becomes important to let the video production company in Johannesburg speak about what creative ideas they have for your content, allowing them to speak about why they are the best agency to partner with.

Can the video production company in Johannesburg get you in front of the right audience?

Does your video production company in Johannesburg have an understanding of how your business and industry work? Getting some viewable references from the local production company you’re planning on partnering with will give you a clear indication of how other clients’ needs were met with video.

Look at how the video production company in Johannesburg delivered their clients’ content and what results they received. This should establish how well the local production service understood not only the client’s business but also the needs and interests of their audiences.

After establishing which video production company can communicate effectively with your audience, it’s time to give them some insight into the complexity of your brand’s offering. This will influence the type of video your company will need and what platforms your company could use to showcase your completed project.

These insights will not only establish the technical aspects of your video production like resolution and length but also how your brand’s key messaging will be delivered throughout the project.

The video production company in Johannesburg you choose should have a good understanding of the current state of the various social platforms and their accompanying new features and technologies so they can recommend how best to package your video production to enhance customer retention and engagement.

Can the video production company in Johannesburg meet your budgetary requirements? 

Something to remember when choosing a video production in Johannesburg is opting for quality over quantity. A video should be used as an attention-grabbing tool that captures the imaginations of audiences while communicating a message that resonates with their needs and interests.

Producing high-quality videos is not only beneficial for audience engagement and lead conversions, but they also improve your brand’s perception amongst your customer base. That’s not forgetting that developing fewer, higher-quality content has a longer shelf life than poor-quality videos.

With this in mind, it’s important to look for a video production company in Johannesburg that is able to create compelling content that’s not only in line with your budget but also benefits your brand and organisational goals.

Amongst all of this, look for recommendations and testimonials from companies you respect to help you gauge whether they liked working with the video production service you’re planning on partnering with.

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